The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Sport and Physical Training  

The Academy is provided with facilities and equipments for physical training and sports, including applied sports and participation in competitions.

The facilities include shooting galleries and ranges, wrestling gyms and sport grounds, which ensure proper training of highly qualified law-enforcement specialists.

The Academy is one of the leading institutions of the Federal Penal Service in sport. Sport activities encourage the staff of the Academy to train sports and to choose healthy way of life, help to develop collaboration with educational and law-enforcement institutions.

A range of advanced physical training groups are functioning within the Academy: self-defense/wrestling, judo, hand-to-hand fighting, shooting, skiing, athletics, double event as well as volleyball, football, basketball, boxing, swimming and other clubs. The training is carried out by the teachers of the Chair of physical training and sports and the Chair of shooting training.

The Academy has trained 2 Honored masters of sports and 18 World class masters of sport. On the annual basis 5-6 students are granted the Master of sports qualification, approximately 50 sportsmen - Pre-master category.

The Academy's sport team has been invariably winning top places in competitions among bodies and institutions of the Federal Penal Service.

Traditionally the gun shooting tournament is held at the Academy for the prizes of lieutenant general M.T. Kalashnikov.

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