The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Legal Assistance Bureau  

Legal Assistance Bureau has been functioning on the basis of the Academy since 2006.

Students of the Law Faculty are taught the practical skills under the direction of instructors via free advice in legal matters for socially unprotected citizens as well as for persons, serving a sentence.

Postgraduate students, cadets and students of Law Faculty work as advisers. They provide consultation and advise on the legislation and different procedural documents, such as libels, applications for special proceeding, and appeals from a decision of different state bodies.

For 9 years of work over 5000 citizens have got legal assistance (among them 350 in Penitentiary establishments in Ryazan Region.). Over 200 cadets and students became bureau experts. It shows the great importance of the bureau and need for its further development and improvement.

The answers of advisers to the most interesting аnd common questions of the citizens are published in regularly issued Bulletins of the legal assistance bureau at the Academy of the Federal Реnitentiary Service of Russia. The information of these bulletins is used both in the educational process at the Academy аnd in legal consulting of citizens. Such materials are used in the process of teaching of various disciplines.

Currently the legal assistance bureau of the Academy of the FPS of Russia is an opportunity for cadets and students to improve their skills in the sphere of law, unlock their professional potential, to get practical knowledge concerning citizens’ problems and provide them with legal assistance.


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